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7-14-2022 Lieutenant Donny R. Whitaker the Medina County Sheriff’s Office provides emergency response training for all Lytle staff.

In early July, staff from the Operations, Information Technology, Special Education and Central Office completed three hours of emergency response training with Lieutenant Donny R. Whitaker the Medina County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Whitaker uses his many years of experience in law enforcement and dealing with actual emergency situations to train others to be prepared. His personal stories and delivery are very informative and interesting. Many life-saving topics are covered including, what to expect in an active shooter situation, how to stop bleeding from serious wounds and how to recognize your own state of shock or denial and move your brain into a proactive survival/protector state. The ALERT (Advanced Law Enforcement Response Training) and CRCC (Civilian Response and Casualty Care) training also includes some surprising statistics on mass murders and those who carry out heinous acts that can help us all to be better informed and mentally prepared.

"It was a lot of information that I know I'll remember, especially that it's dangerous to allow ourselves to believe we are only doing it to be ready IF something terrible happens. It's hard to hear, but Mr. Whitaker made it clear we need to be ready WHEN we are needed to respond to something unimaginable like what happened in Uvalde and in so many other schools. It's arrogant to think we are immune to violent acts," says Dale Mather, Public Relations Technical Support for Lytle.

All Lytle ISD employees will complete this training by August. Here are a few photos of the July session:
Lorrianne Migura