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12/12/2019 Elementary Christmas Program

Yesterday, December 11th, the Elementary had its Christmas program. What an amazing feat!  Unlike our voluntary Veterans Day program, our entire student body participates in the Christmas show. With only 3 weeks of rehearsals since our last program, our students did a fantastic job of memorizing lyrics, melodies and character parts!  These kids never cease to amaze me with what they are able to accomplish! 

Thank you to all who make this gigantic program possible.  

Wendy Conover and Juliana Lingo for giving us all the flexibility and support we need to pull this off in 3 weeks! 

Thank you to Christina Cate for all your expertise from the stage to the sound booth and being so flexible and accommodating to us.  

Thank you Lorri Migura and Skull studios for the Livestream and making us look and sound great! 

Special thank you to the elementary rotations/specials team (Marsha Hill, Paula Campa, Linda Lytle, Dale Hendrickson, Amber Salazar, Kathy Smith and Mrs. Del Torro) for taking care of everything from creating props, programs, moving risers, helping with rehearsals, setting up the stage, packing up, tearing down and  keeping kids on task back stage, onstage and off stage!  

Thank you to all those busy teachers who practiced in their classrooms, made Christmas tree hats, kept kids entertained backstage and donated lights to make our stage beautiful! 

See all photos in Google Album: Elementary Christmas Program 12-11-2019

Miranda Ripps