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4-28-2023 2023 Marching Show Revewal and Other Band News!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today we revealed the 2023-2024 Marching Band Show to our band students. We are incredibly excited about next year, and we are super proud of the Show Reveal that our students put together; so we wanted to share the video with everyone!

To say I’m proud of these students is an understatement! The first time that I proofed the video, I got goosebumps, and it brought a tear to my eye…the video is completely student created, with the most minimal of guidance. I pitched an idea I had to the kids, and they ran with it. (You may recall back in February, Skull Studios had a team win the Gold Medal for the UIL State Film Festival… Some of those students are also in Band, and volunteered to create our 2023 Show Reveal. Lorrianne Migura, Andrew Oser, Adam Leyva and Dale Mather are doing great work with the Skull Studios kids, and it’s reflected in the incredibly wonderful project our kids put together!)

Finally, our Lytle ISD Spring Band Concert is on Monday, May 15, at 7p in the Auditorium. Not only will we be performing a preview of our marching show for 2023, we will showcase music that we performed at this year’s UIL Concert and Sight Reading performance, and more!  As always, we would love to see the “Sea of Pirates” in the audience; and best of all, admission is free!

Watch the video here: 2023 Show Reveal

Joshua Chessher