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1-26-2023 TEA Visits Lytle ISD

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 20+ senior level administrators from TEA, CEN and ESC-20 spent a full day visiting classrooms across Lytle and talking with teachers, coaches and administrators regarding our implementation of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) on each campus. And…WOW – what an incredible day of learning. We started the morning by observing a PLC planning session where our visitors were impressed by the level of teacher collaboration and our process of internalizing lessons. Then we visited 21 different classrooms and the instruction we saw was equally impressive. Our visitors enjoyed chatting with student ambassadors throughout the day and with students in each classroom about their learning.  

We also hosted several focus groups in which teachers who use HQIM materials were able to share their successes and challenges as we moved from piloting the materials to embracing them for Tier-1 instruction over the last two years. It was powerful to hear our staff share their feedback and how TEA will use that information to design support for Lytle and other districts in the future. This visit required a TON of preparation from stakeholders across our system and we are so incredibly grateful to everyone who helped prepare for and make this visit a huge success.  

It’s easy for us to brag about our teachers and students because we see the incredible work you do each day, but it’s even more special when visitors to our schools make comments like, “you are pioneers in this work", “I am just blown away by the quality of instruction”, “your district is leading the state in HQIM implementation” among many other supportive comments. We know having folks streaming through our classrooms and facilities can be a bit stressful, but highlighting the success of what is happening in Lytle and helping ensure we are providing teachers and students with the right support now and in the future make it all worthwhile. This is an exceptionally great time to be a pirate!

See photos in these Google albums:

TEA District Tour 1-24-2023 photos by Lorrianne Migura and Rose Scotello

TEA District Tour 1-24-2023 photos by Alex Cabrera

TEA District Tour 1-24-2023 photos provided by Dustin Breithaupt



Dustin Breithaupt, Ed.D.