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10-28-2022 2022 Lytle Elementary Costume Parade

Every year, Lytle Elementary teams up with our Central Office staff and they all dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes to put on a parade for parents plus the Junior High and High School campuses. This year, rain kept the ghouls, goblins, robots and Einsteins indoors, so this video brings the parade to you! Happy Halloween! 

Here are some photos from the Elementary, as well. Special thanks to Matt De La Fuente and Rocco Watson who volunteered at the last minute to take photos. Great job, Skull Studios. Enjoy!

Elementary Halloween Parade 10-27-2022 photos by Lorrianne Migura

Elementary Halloween Parade 10-28-2022 photos by Matt De La Fuente

Elementary Halloween Parade 10-28-2022 photos by Rocco Watson

Lorrianne Migura