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3-2-2022 Please watch! Junior High History Day 2021

Junior High teacher, Mr. Jarrod Cavazos organizes an experience for Junior High students that engages all of the senses, and brings cool bits of the past right into our present-day school yard. Take a look at this list of Living Historian Exhibitors who made the 8th Annual History Day a reality for our students. We have Lytle community members who present as living historians as well as our own Lytle teachers like Mrs. Woodruff, Dr. McQuilkin and Coach Foster. Watch the video to get your own peak into our vibrant past!  

Rodney Seiler and Bill Magnum: Sons of Confederate veterans (Hoods Brigade)  

Kristin Hernandez with Casa Navarro: Using a Quill Pen  

Rhett Kearns with Fort McKavett: Life of the Soldier in Frontier Texas  

Larry Carter: Buffalo Soldiers  

Mrs. Biedeger : 19th Century Kitchen/Cooking  

Mr. Biedeger: 19th Century Camping  

Aaron Shuman: Nimitz Museum Fredericksburg, TX, History of WWII in the Pacific  

Kyle & Sandra McQuilkin: Corn Husk Dolls  

Mrs. Woodruff: One Room Schoolhouse  

Hadley Foster: Games from an Earlier Time  

Martin Gonzales: Atascosa County Historical Commission - Life of a Frontiersman  

David Emery: Atascosa County Historical Commission - Metal Detecting presentation Exhibiting Old Coins and Antique Items Found  

Thank you to Chris Clouser and Larry Sanders of the Lytle VFW who supplied breakfast and lunch for both the exhibitors and Lytle Junior High staff. 

This production is brought to you by Skull Studios - videographers Sarah Ytuarte, Amethyst Valles, Jailynn Ng, Caitlyn Waight, Joseph Garcia, video editor, Sarah Ytuarte and still photographers, Chessa Hartley-Mapes, Katelyn Rubel and Joslynn Ceja.