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3-1-2022 Please watch! Military Dad Surprises Son at Lytle Primary School

After returning from a long period of overseas deployment, US Army Reserves Specialist Rafael Lugo reached out to Primary Principal Shavan Galindo to surprise his son Isaiah at school. Mrs. Galindo was excited to arrange for this family to visit the campus. 
At Lytle ISD, Career, College and Military Readiness (CCMR) starts in our youngest grade levels, and we know every exposure to those who are serving our country is a powerful learning experience for our students. In the video, you can hear Isaiah's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sabrina Fernandez guiding the entire class to understand the beautiful moment they were able to witness first-hand. In just a few words, she explains the hardship of military service, the sacrifice of military families, and the gratefulness that we all have for those who commit to the huge responsibility of serving America. We were hoping to get a few words from Isaiah, but the only thing on this little guy's mind was to get away and spend some time with his dad. It will do your heart good to see this precious surprise unfold. Please remember to say, "Thank you," to those most familiar with reunions like this because of their military service.
This video was made possible by Skull Studios students, videographers Aiden Juarez, Giovani Mosqueda and still photographer Jada Vega. Please keep including our Skull Studios club when you have events like this that do such a powerful job of sharing the good things that happen all the time at Lytle ISD. Our district benefits, and our digital design students leave here with an impressive Digital Resume that links to video stories like this one.

Lorrianne Migura