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4-17-2018 Staff’s Quick Action, Expertise and AED Save Teacher’s Life

Junior High teacher, Mrs. Mary Woodruff began to feel very bad during the school day on March 22, 2018. She sought assistance from Nurse Belinda Soto in the High School Nurse’s clinic. Mr. William Cross noticed the potential problem and came in to assist. As Mrs. Woodruff’s condition worsened, Nurse Soto and Mr. Cross made a couple quick radio and phone calls that resulted in Medina County Sheriff Deputy Tim Finnerty, Atascosa County Sheriff Deputy Daniel Hernandez, and Nurse Juanita Black arriving to help. Mrs. Woodruff declined to the point of losing consciousness and the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) available in the Nurse’s clinic was attached and powered on to monitor Mrs. Woodruff's heart activity, and dictate the nurses’ actions. Shocks were administered and CPR performed to keep Mrs. Woodruff alive. With EMS on the way, several other staff members, Erica Camacho, Christina Morales, Esther Henderson, Jennifer Criswell, and Erika Sadler cleared the hallways of students, made sure doors were opened, and enabled Mrs. Woodruff to be loaded and transported by EMS to a local hospital as quickly as possible.

The quick, calm and expert action from all involved saved Mrs. Woodruff’s life. At a recent board meeting, her family showed up to express their thanks. They especially recognized Athletic Trainer and Teacher, Coach Jonathan Jones for his part in writing a grant last year that enable the district to buy two AEDs for the Junior High and High School that are easily accessible in the office areas. (Before there was only one located in the High School gym area.) Mrs. Woodruff told the Board of Trustees that each staff member involved was her personal hero. Her husband took a long look around the room at each of his wife’s “heros” and tearfully said, “I do not have the words to truly express my thanks. You all saved the love of my life. I don't know what I would have done had you all not taken such good care of her that day.”

See more photos at Google Photo Album: Woodruff Hero Recognition April Board Meeting 

Woodruff Hero Recognition April Board Meeting

Lorrianne Migura