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1-23-2020 2020 Powerlifting!

The 2020 High School Powerlifting season began the first weekend of the new year on January 4th, 2020. While most students around the great state of Texas were lazing around, sleeping in, eating too much and watching bowl games on television, your powerlifters were getting up early, coming in to stretch, get cardio work in and lift. On Saturday morning, they boarded the bus at 05:10am and headed out to get their 2020 competition year started. To date, they have successfully competed in two meets, Natalia and SW Legacy. Our lifters will wake up early, once again, this coming Saturday to load up and to pit their wits and ability against their competitors at Randolph Field High School where family and friends may come to show their support for our young student-athletes. Bars loaded at 9am & competition begins! 

Our Lytle Pirates competed in the first meet of the 2020 season at Natalia Powerlifting Meet, Jan 4th, 2020.  

Males in their weight class:  

8th place-Ivan Reyna  

6th place-Rafael Pacheco  

5th place-Jason Vega  

4th place-Cecilio Olivarri  

Females in their weight class:  

8th - Klarissa Martinez  

5th - Ariatna Gonzalez  

4th - Alize Sanchez  

2nd - Jackelyn Paredes  

1st - Doralicia Patlan  

1st - Emili Oliver  

Our Lytle Pirates competed in the second meet of the 2020 season at SW Legacy Powerlifting Meet on Jan 11th, 2020.  

Males in their weight class:  

10th -Rafael Pacheco  

9th - Josh Del Torro  

7th - Cecilio Olivarri  

6th -Quen Syma  

5th -Jason Vega  

Females in their weight class: 

6th - Klarissa Martinez  

4th - Ariatna Gonzalez  

2nd - Doralicia Patlan  

1st - Emili Oliver  

When you see them please congratulate them and encourage them to keep lifting more weights! 

Ric Richmond