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11-11-2019 State Cross Country Results 2019

"I pray not for victory, but to do my best." - Amos Alonzo Stagg 

This past Saturday, November 9th, the Pirates from Lytle competed in the final race of the 2019 season against the best in the State. It was a perfect day with beautiful temperatures and very little wind. Many Pirate followers were there to see these fine athletes compete.  

Review  the entire results here: 

Freshman Eisabel shakes hands with competitors. The first race was the Girls State race. Eisabel Guerrero took to the line. She is the first girl to make the State race as a Freshman for Lytle. She began the season on JV at Ingram and overcoming injury and the long season of the High School compared to the Junior High she persevered to be one of the 30 Freshman girls to run the race. Coach Ruiz was somewhat shocked for her to make it because he hadn't reserved a room for the girls. They had to stay two hotels down from the boys. She ran her first mile in a 6:05 pace and finished her second mile at 6:55 to finish at 12:55. At the mile she was 48th and she finished 50th. This placed her the 11th fastest Freshman in 2019.  

The boys’ race began, and it was exciting to hear Lytle announced as the Region IV Champions. We were unable to walk the course the day prior and it changed slightly since the Round Rock meet in September. Coach Ruiz sent me a message to get them to move up because they started behind many of the teams they were in competition with. The seven were grouped between 2:18 and 2:21 at the 800m tree but they were back behind many of the runners. I have included the mile time and two-mile splits for you to see how fast the race happened. We ran times 30 to 45 seconds faster than we have run but it wasn't good enough to place us on the medal stand. Many teams would say a 6th place finish is good but for the standard Lytle desires it was just ok, and do you really want just ok?   

1 mile - 2 mile - Finish Time - Place - Grade Level 

Carlos Tamayo - 5:16 - 10:50(5:34) - 16:33(5:43) - 26th - 12 

Goyo Alcorta - 5:16 - 10:58(5:42) - 16:59(6:01) - 45th - 11 

JC Hernandez - 5:14 - 10:53(5:39) - 17:05(6:12) - 50th - 11 

Jose Cortez - 5:16 - 11:06(5:50) - 17:07(6:01) - 57th - 10 

Israel Andrade - 5:20 - 11:08(5:48) - 17:16(6:08) - 66th - 10 

Jared Aguinaga - 5:26 - 11:23(5:57) - 17:33(6:10) - 86th - 10 

Robert Wagner - 5:30 - 11:28(5:58) - 17:37(6:09) - 91st - 9 

Kyle Mueller - Alternate - 11 

This year began with a journey to Ingram. Israel and Robert both ran on JV. It was a great race as Robert came in to finish on his first ever Cross Country race. He finished 2nd, catching a runner in the last 200M and passing him. Robert finished as the 6th fastest Freshman in the 3A race. Carlos Tamayo's leadership will be difficult to replace but as before we will look to the Boys take 6th at State. future and remember the past. Coach Ruiz's goal was to win the State Championship by next year. Our goal is to do that, but it will not happen without the hard work of each of the ones listed along with the incoming Freshman. Next year we also want to take the first ever girls' team to State from Lytle.  

The wind is blowing in from the North as the season closes. The beauty of Saturday fades into the approaching front but the fire burns bright in the hearts of those athletes to be better that o.k. The Cross Country team would like to thank all the schools for their fine send off on Friday. The signs along main street, the help of the city with the escort made the event memorable for the lads and ladies. As they heard from Coach Ruiz on the day of the race we don't run alone. We run with all the support of the family, friends and former runners of Lytle Cross Country. My oldest son BJ '07 sent this quote to me, "God made me fast, and when I run I feel His pleasure." - Eric Liddell. We can't thank enough people, but we want everyone one in Lytle to know the runners would not achieve half of the successes without the support of the entire district. All for one and one for all.  

"Winning isn't getting ahead of others, it is getting ahead of yourself." - Roger Staubach 

Thank you, Coach Ruiz, for letting me write the final chapter. 

Hadley Foster