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12-2-2022 8th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Dilley

I would like to congratulate the 8th Grade boys on their performance last night, December 1, 2022, verses Dilley. The A-Team hustled their way to a 16 to 9 victory and set the tone for our B-Team. When the 8th Grade B-Team took the floor, Jaden Castro showed everyone in the gym that he had come to play and led the way! Jaden scored 12 of the team's 16 points on their way to a 16-5 victory. The stellar performance by “The Jop Shop” Castro took the boys to the "W"! 

When the 8th Grade A-Team took the floor, it was uncertain from the start, but the cream always rises to the top! A night of well-balanced scoring, and a good defensive performance brought home the victory for the Pirates 45-9. 

Nathan Garza scored 5 points. Jalen Rodriguez, Ethan Elizondo, and Sebastian Garcia all had 2 points each, and PJ Guillen showed Seth Pierce how to hit 3 pointers with 3 in a row to grab a total of 9 points. Weston Jackson finally made a layup for an early Christmas Miracle to go along with his 10 points and excellent play on the floor. Last, but not least, is Seth Pierce. Seth had a bum ankle but still found a way to lead on the floor and scoreboard. Seth finished with 15 points and 3 blocks. The boys are 2-0 in District and are looking forward to seeing everyone in Hondo to support them next week. 

Thank you, teachers, for all your help and support of these young men. It is appreciated and never taken for granted. 

Brian Clark