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4-21-2022 Lessons From the Rings - Area Edition

"We are then what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit."   

- Wil Durant 

Yesterday, Lytle throwers left before the sun rose to head to the Area Meet in Columbus, Texas. I had never been to Columbus even though I had driven by it on I-10. Before the Meet even began the one Lytle Lady Pirate thrower missed the bus. As much as we all tried to reach her in this age of mass communication, April did not respond. April had a good chance to advance but finished her six years as a Lytle thrower number three on the top ten throwers for Lytle at 33'-9". She is also the 7th Grade girls record holder in the shot and the discus. I wish her well as she enters the Marine Corps in the summer. I hope she grows in the understanding of the motto, "Semper Fidelis".  

Mario Diaz qualified in the 8th position for the Area Meet. The shot put ring was shaded by a glorious oak tree that had to be around, at least, since Texas Independence in 1836. Much like the lovely trees at the primary it has supplied shade to that place for many years. Mario's first three throws were good and each throw was better but he didn't break the 40' foot mark. He remained in 8th after the prelims. He had the opportunity to throw with some big throwers and the significant difference was their quickness. His fifth throw was his quickest and he moved with that throw into the 7th position, besting one of the throwers in our District. He finished the season in 7th with a nice 41' toss. Mario came late in the season after a successful run in powerlifting and thanks to Coach Escamilla's relationship with Mario he came to throw. He leaves this year with the fourth best attempt in the top ten of Lytle with 44' at Dilley.  

With Mario finished and April not advancing, the one hope of having a thrower represent Lytle in the Regional Meet rested upon the shoulders of Alex Medina. He had the opportunity to advance to Regionals two consecutive years. Something that had not been accomplished since Armando Martinez. The wind was not favorable but the sector lines were wider than a normal ring. After the preliminary throws Alex, who went in 3rd, was placed 5th, 2' behind the 4th thrower from Halletsville. For those who think throwers are only throwers, the Freshman from Altair Rice placed 2nd in the discus, 2nd in the triple jump and 2nd in the 100M dash. Alex remained one spot out of the Regional qualifiers through his last throw. We live by the mantra, One Day, One Meet and One Throw. Last year, his sister Noelia medaled 3rd at the Regional Meet on her last throw. Alex’s throw hit about one foot inside the sector line at 133'6". He moved ahead of the Halletsville thrower but he had one more disc to throw. It was a good throw and the Halletsville coaches running the ring said it was his Personal Record. The announcement was made, "132'7", and Alex lives to throw another day this season. Next Saturday he will throw at 11 in Seguin.  

Thomas Edison said, "“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Of all my throwers this year Alex exemplifies this quote. No one has worked harder this year on his throwing.


Hadley Foster