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4-13-2022 Tennis Season Comes to an End in Kerrville

Starting Monday, April 11, 2022, Tennis Regionals for 3A began with some fierce competitors from across the region. The tournament started a bit later, due to the weather from the previous night. Lytle competed throughout the entire day but finished with their heads held high by making it farther than in previous years in Boys Doubles, Diego Rangel and Michael Tomlinson, and Mixed Doubles, Elias Hernandez and Amanda Soto. Both of these teams ended their play just short of the semifinals respectively.  

The entire experience was tough on our four senior boys who were struggling with this being their last tournament. All four had their moments in the sun and will savor it moving forward in whatever their futures hold.  

All in all, we couldn’t be prouder of how everyone played and conducted themselves. I personally have always loved the game of tennis, but on this side of the net, things are different. I love watching these students find their niche in tennis and find the competitor inside themselves. They come alive when a serve goes in or when they win their first game or even set. It is a spectacular thing to watch them move around the court and find their footing, and not just on the court, but in life.  They always represent Lytle with Pride and Excellence. 

Lytle Tennis would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Stewart, who always gives us a positive cheer after every tournament. Thanks to Mr. Robbie Pierce, who has allowed us to use the van throughout the season. I hope you know we took good care of it and always tried to leave it better than we found it. Thank you to Ms. Lori Wilson and Ms. Ada Tapia, who have been the most instrumental these last couple of months, so many things have been done by you both to help this organization steer the course of this season. Thank you to Ms. Roxanne Garcia who has constantly found Melissa Clark or others to fill in while these tournaments have taken place. Melissa Clark, you have been a true blessing for helping our students not miss a beat in school work. Thank you to Coach Jackie Bohl and her backpack, you always come in “clutch” and never skip a beat- especially these last two weeks. Lastly, yet most importantly to this organization- A huge Thank You to all the parents who have traveled, created, and supported these players through the freezing cold and the blistering heat. Without you, none of this would be possible (Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Davila, Mrs. Aguinaga, Mr. and Mrs. Brashaw, Mrs. Soto, and Mrs. Lara).  

This has truly been an unbelievable season and it has truly taken a village to finish strong. 

Julie Cameron