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4-11-2022 Varsity Softball vs Cotulla and Natalia Recap

The girls rallied in the 8th inning to defeat Cotulla 

Lytle 16 – Cotulla 11  

At the end of the second inning, the girls were trailing 2-3 but multiple hits earned 6 runs in the third to take the lead. Cotulla tied it up in the 5th 10-10 due to errors but in the 6th the girls pulled ahead by 1. Again, in the bottom of the seventh, Cotulla tied it up to force extra innings. The Lady Pirates managed to put up for 5 runs in the 8th and the defense was able to hold Cotulla to earn the win.  

The Pirates had 23 hits. Calyssa Sevier and Eliza Molina led the Pirate offense. Sevier went 5-for-6 at the plate and tripled in the first, tripled in the third, tripled in the third inning. She singled in the fifth and singled in the eighth as well. 

Molina went 4-6 at the plate. Molina singled in the second, had an in-park homerun in the third inning, doubled in seventh, and doubled again in the eighth.  

Natalie Pacheco, Eliza Molina, Isabella Muraira, Moriah Gomez, Nayelli Pacheco and Sevier all drove in runs with their hits. Alyssa Montalvo also had a good day offensively with 2 singles and a double as did Danica Martinez with a single and triple. Cheyenee Martinez also produced a single and Kaylee Diaz did her job with two sacrifice bunts.  

Moriah Gomez ended the game with 8 strikeouts and giving up 15 hits.  

Defensively, Natalie Pacheco led with put outs, followed by Bree Criswell.  

The girls won against Natalia 

Lytle 5 – Natalia 1 

The Pirates had 6 hits. Moriah Gomez got the hits going with a homerun with Kaylee Diaz on 1st base. Alyssa Montalvo went 2-for-4 at the plate to lead the Pirates in hits. 

Also helping the offense was Addison Criado, Alyssa Montalvo, Natalie Pacheco, and Calyssa Sevier. 

Moriah Gomez earned the win for the Pirates. She struck out 3 and gave up 6 hits.  

Bree Criswell led the defense with 10 put outs at 1st base.  

Tammie Tilley