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4-8-2022 Golf District Tournament

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, the golf team took part in the District Tournament in Pleasanton. We fell a bit short of our goal of Regionally qualifying. However, the season was a success and our golfers, Khye Stewart, Hudson Mask, Bryson Duty and Cort Haltom, carried themselves with respect and pride. A testament to their parents, teachers, and all those that have helped raise them. We left the course proud of their effort yet disappointed with the finish in the standings. Of the millions of things golf teaches, one of them is to forget yesterday and focus on the next day. We will do just that. The returning golfers are already talking about summer tournaments and we say good-bye to our Seniors who are helping to shape this program. Currently, we have four High School girls, six High School boys and 13 Junior High students that are in contact with me about next season. The future is bright. If any of you hear of Junior High or High School students talking about golf, or any equipment gathering dust in the garage, please send them my way. 

Arnold Martinez