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3-30-2022 Varsity Tennis at Uvalde Pre-District Tournament

Last week, March 25-26, 2022, the Varsity players traveled to Uvalde to participate in the “Pre-District Tennis Tournament”. This tournament gives players and coaches the opportunity to see how players have grown through the season and a chance for the players to step up their game and overcome some hurdles they have had along the way.  

Each single and doubles were guaranteed 4 matches and they went like this: 

Varsity Player: Finished the Day Ration 

Bradshaw: 3-1

Rangel & M. Tomlinson: 3-1

Moore & H. Anaya: 1-1 Retired due to illness

Davis: 1-3

Davila & L. Patino: 2-2

Hernandez & A. Soto: 2-2

We are hoping for an even better showing this Saturday, Apr 2, 2022, as we head to District in Jourdanton. 

If you have wanted to watch these players in action, this would be a great time to come out and support them in this endeavor. They truly are a wonder when they hit the courts.  

The following weekend, we plan to head to Kerrville for the Regional Tournament with more players than we have taken before. Or at least, that is the goal. Wish them well and tell them all to be competitive and play hard. We could not be prouder of this group. 

Julie Cameron