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8-26-2021 Lytle Student Trainers 2021-2022

When I started my job as the Head Athletic Trainer 7 years ago, one of the biggest challenges I faced was making this program well-respected and to increase my number of student trainers. In my first couple of years, I had an average of 3-4 student trainers as a whole! Fast forward to today, I have 13 total student trainers in the program! With some arduous work and revamping the sports medicine program here in Lytle, the perception of this program has greatly improved, and having increased kids interested in becoming student trainers has shown me that word is spreading! 

These young women and young man had to go through taking Sports Medicine 1 & 2 as part of their pathway to becoming student trainers. They have excelled not only in their assigned sports but have excelled in the classroom. The expectations I have for this group are exceedingly high: they must maintain an 85 average or above in ALL classes as well as have a good rapport with teachers. Sure, UIL says that a 70 is passing; however, keeping an 85 will benefit more when they apply for college and, as well as reflect how amazing they are to balance classroom and training and show great maturity do so. 

The young women, who are the football student trainers, have battled the scorching heat to experience a preview of Friday Night Lights at our last scrimmage vs. Bracketville. They are hungry and ready to go this football season! 

If you see these young adults, please thank them for all the demanding work they do for Lytle Athletics! 

Jonathan Jones