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5-10-2021 Sports Medicine Recap for 2020-2021 School Year & 2021-2022 Lytle Student Trainers

It has been one crazy year, especially in the athletic department; however, our student trainers made sure that our athletes were taking care of and following COVID-19 mitigation rules at the same time. Trust me when I say, trying to balance all of that is pretty strenuous but our student trainers prevailed! 
It shows that we were blessed to have sports going on again after the Spring sports and last year's senior class got robbed of that. We are fortunate that all sports had a chance to compete again! 
I want to thank my senior student trainers for leading the way and for helping me out through the madness of sports and COVID-19 mitigation rules were enforced. They battled heat, cold, rain, and everything else Texas has to offer!
Alex Naegelin
Clarissa Ramos
Clarissa Ybarra
I am happy to announce that we are returning 8 and gaining 10 new student trainers! 
Here is the list of returners and new student trainers for the 2021-2022 school year. Please Congratulate them on their acceptance and return!
Kaitlyn Ramirez
Sydney Estrada
Josylnn Ceja
Andrea Cardona
Xochitl Ferreria
Emma Keith
Dylan Reyna
Marley Walker

New Trainers
Cadee Martinez
Dakota Tumlinson
Amanda Soto
Klarissa Martinez
David De La Fuente
Isabella Muraira
Paris Sanchez
Fatima Montes
Isabella Arce
Tori Perez
As you can see on our Sports Medicine page on the Lytle ISD website, our logo is the anchor and our new motto is: " Calm the Storm, Steady the Ship". 
Jonathan Jones