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4-12-2021 Softball vs Cotulla

Last Friday, April 9th, the girls travelled to Cotulla and despite a 4-run rally in the 7th inning they were unable to get the win. Final score was Lytle 7 - Cotulla 8.  

Starting things off in that 7th inning was Moriah Gomez single to right field, followed by double to right field from Calyssa Sevier. Natalie Pacheco hit a hard shot to right as well and made it all the way around to score as well as Gomez and Sevier. Score is now 6-8. Elysa Aleman hit a nice shot to left and Alyssa Montalvo hit one between center and right for a double. With Runners in scoring position Campbele Aldridge safely reaches 1st on a bunt and Aleman scores. Score is now 7-8 Emma Keith bunts next and reaches on error. Unfortunately, we were unable to advance any more runs.  

The girls ended the day with 15 hits – Alyssa Montalvo pitched and allowed 8 hits, no walks and 1 strikeout. 

Tammie Tilly