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3-1-2021 Alamo Heights Golf Tournament

Alamo Heights Tournament (Rescheduled due to weather) on Thursday Feb. 25.

Connor Redding    93

Khye Stewart        98

Hudson Mask       108

I was pleased with our showing at the AH tourney. With 83 golfers in the field, Connor Redding’s 93 (T-40) was his very first High School tournament. He overcame obvious jitters and settled in to shoot a decent round. Hudson Mask (T 72) overcame the weather to card a 108. Khye Stewart (T-59) was not very happy with his 98. He left a bunch of strokes out there with his play around the greens. He’s the kind of player that will put in the work to get better. Bryson Duty rounds out our team. Bryson just finish a terrific basketball season and we can’t wait to get him our here. We are looking forward to a very busy March as we get ready for our district tournament on April 7th at Pleasanton GC.

Arnold Martinez