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2-3-2021 Boys Powerlifting at Texas Strength Systems

Last night, February 3, the Pirate Boys Team competed, and we saw some really special efforts across the Team. Two lifters reached personal best in all three lifts, overcoming an injury in the first lift to go on to win the weight-class. I'd like you to understand the effort these student-athletes put into the sport never ceases to amaze! If not for the Covid world we currently live in, I would invite you all out to watch. Sadly, however, most of their competitions are limited, & no observer events. 

The results: 

Amadeus Trejo - 3rd 

Quen Syma - 2nd 

Jason Vega - 1st 

Rylan Wagner - 1st 

Please stop them and congratulate them on their accomplishments to date and encourage them to keep working! Their accomplishments really are amazing! 


Ric Richmond