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1-25-2021 Power Lifting Results at Texas Strength Systems

Well, it was a bit of a busy week. The Pirate Power Lifters had two meets this past week: Boys on Wed, January 20, Girls on Thursday, January 21.  

In addition to the boys' individual places, they also earned Third Place as a Team, which is a first time in recent memory for the boys.  

Boys Individual Places:  

Rylan Wagner 1st  

Amadeus Trejo 1st  

Dominic Reyes 2nd  

Jason Vega 3rd  

Mario Diaz 7th 

See photos from Boys Meet in google album: Boys Powerlifting 1-20-2021

The girls, not to be out-done, also had a great effort. They are working hard and putting in the time and effort for a successful season and it's really refreshing to see the friendly challenges and genuine efforts to help each other improve.  

Girls’ Individual Places: 

Emili Oliver 1st  

Diamond Walker-Smith 1st  

April Bodie 1st 

Kaitlyn Ramirez 2nd 

Alize Sanchez 2nd 

When you see one of these students please congratulate them on their accomplishments thus far and give them a word, or three, of encouragement to continue their efforts! 

Ric Richmond