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5-2-2023 Congratulations Mrs. Kalish, Our Primary Teacher of the Year!

Rebecca Kalish was awarded the VFW Teacher of the Year for the primary campus. It is a great honor to announce Mrs. Rebecca Kalish as our VFW Primary Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Kalish is an exceptional teacher that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the profession, and she has positively impacted the lives of all on our campus. 

Mrs. Kalish your inspirational and effective teaching methods promote learning and engagement amongst students as well as your positive relationships with students, parents and colleagues. Your ongoing dedication to growing and learning in your profession shows your constant commitment to striving for the best for your students.   

Mrs. Kalish you truly have a heart the size of Texas and it shows daily through all your interactions. We here at the Primary are so blessed to have you and know you. Thank you for being exactly who you are and loving all kids for exactly who they are. 


Shavan Galindo