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5-1-2023 Elementary 2023 VFW Teacher of the Year

Ashtyn Dougherty is a valuable team member of the Lytle Elementary School campus. Ashtyn is a second-grade teacher on a team of six.  Ashtyn collaborates with the grade level teachers to design and plan lessons using the HQIM curriculum.   

Ashtyn is a team player and always works to put “what’s best” for students first. Ashtyn has a gift for teaching. Combine that gift with her passion for education, and she is unstoppable.   

Ashtyn is organized, reliable and takes great pride in her work.  She will help any time she is asked and always has a smile on her face.  Our campus would struggle if we did not have Ashtyn’s loving and kind heart.  

Ashtyn’s dedication to her students and their families goes beyond the school day. She highlights students on her classroom Facebook page, giving parents, grandparents, and friends a glimpse into their children’s lives here at school.  Ashtyn always celebrates important life events with her students.   

It brought great honor to nominate Ashtyn Dougherty for the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award for Lytle Elementary School. Congratulations! 

Wendy Conover