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5-6-2022 Watch the Video! Wendy Carroll Conover H-E-B Excellence in Education Top Five Finalist, Principal of Lytle Elementary

This video was produced by H-E-B to honor Lytle Elementary Principal, Mrs. Wendy Conover, a top five finalist at the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards Gala held the weekend of April 29 through May 1 in Austin. Her family, friends, community and our district are so proud. Thank you, H-E-B for making sure educators everywhere know how important and valuable they are to our communities. Superintendent Michelle Carroll Smith says, "H-E-B does it right. Educators were treated like kings and queens at the gala. The fact that a top-quality, industry-leading, respected company like H-E-B selected Wendy as a top five principal in the state of Texas is a distinguished honor. We are blessed." When you see Mrs. Conover, congratulate her for being so unique and amazing that she shined in a crowd of thousands.
Here's the background: Of 8,000 Texas Elementary schools, H-E-B received 1500 applications from nominated educators all over the state for their Excellence in Education program. H-E-B's initial judges selected 150 Teacher and 50 Principal Semi-Finalists who competed in the Regional judging. H-E-B Regional judge panels comprised of educators, administrators and community leaders chose 5 elementary principal finalists to honor - and, no suprise - Mrs. Conover was one of them. She spent the weekend of April 29 through May 1 in Austin with her family, getting VIP treatment and enjoying banquets and other special activities hosted by the H-E-B Excellence in Education organization. 
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Lorrianne Migura