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8-21-2023 Lytle Pirate Cross Country at Floresville Meet

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, the cross-country teams came back from Floresville with no trophies but plenty of medals and knowledge. All seven of our returning Varsity runners from last year's State teams finished in the TOP 15 and medaled along with nine other Lytle Pirate Cross County runners. We only fielded Junior Varsity teams with the Boys finishing 3rd and the Girls 2nd.  


Only 4 of the five returning athletes ran on Saturday and all had great races. Abel Sanchez tested himself and went out with that first group. He got close at the end to one of the five returning 6A/5A/Home School State Runners. We are hoping he can stay healthy this year. He has yet to have a full Cross Country season and we hope his senior year is that year. 


The Varsity girls were also up for the challenge. Frances Scotello was the top girl finisher, finishing fourth. She defeated one of Poth's great runners who, last year, placed 16th at the State Meet while Frances finished 96th. She has been working really hard with Klayre and Samantha while juggling Varsity Volleyball as well. 


The three sophomore boys, Diego Reyna, Lucas Salazar and Bryan Montes, along with Senior Daniel Mercado ran in the Varsity 1-4A division. The Sophomores finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th. They are trying to work themselves up. 


The Junior Varsity girls had eight running with five placing in the top 15 to help them to a 2nd place finish behind 6A SA Reagan High School. Laleina and Svetlana led the girls as they both placed in the top 10. This week they will go and help the three Varsity girls at Medina Valley so we can find out if the #5 State ranking is just that. 


The Junior Varsity boys had five runners and finished 3rd behind Reagan and Medina Valley. Freshman Nathan Garza led the Junior Varsity boys with an 8th place finish and will help the sophomores and Daniel next week at Medina Valley in the Varsity 1-4A.

We had a great first Meet and we hope that we can stay healthy and overcome some mental blocks. The teams are young on both sides and don't have the numbers like last year, but they are working hard and slowly learning what it takes to be a great runner.

This week at Medina Valley, we will be fielding four full teams for the High School with three Varsity groups, Boys 5A/6A, Boys 1-4A, Girls 1-4A, and a Junior Varsity girls team.  

The Junior High teams will also join us at Medina Valley, and I am excited to see how they perform after also having a great summer. They will be fielding both 8th grade groups and we hope to soon field a whole 7th grade boys and girls as well.

Varsity Boys 5/6A 

  • Abel Sanchez - 6th
  • Johnny Rey Alvarez - 9th
  • Tristan Lopez - 13th
  • Yandel Esquivez - 15th 

99 Runners 


1A-4A Varsity Girls  

  • Frances Scotello - 4th
  • Samantha Mujica - 6th
  • Klayre Cook - 14th

148 Runners 

1A-4A Varsity Boys 5K 

  • Bryan Montes-Rodriguez - 2nd
  • Diego Reyna - 3rd
  • Lucas Salazar - 4th
  • Daniel Mercado - 35th 

147 Runners 

Junior Varsity Girls 3200 Meter Run - 2nd 

  • Laleina Reveira - 5th
  • Svetlana Lopez - 9th
  • Isabella Sewell - 12th
  • Vanessa Ayala - 13th
  • Addison Wagner - 15th
  • Annika Robles - 20th
  • Avery Sanchez - 52nd
  • Payton Devaney - 53rd 

104 Runners

Junior Varsity Boys 5K - 3rd  

  • Nathan Garza - 8th
  • Andres Rodriguez - 17th
  • Jaden Castro - 25th
  • Kaden Aguinaga - 30th
  • Ezekiel Morin - 63rd

125 Runners 


Gilbert Ruiz