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02-23-2023 Lessons from the Rings - Natalia Relays

“Character cannot be made except by a steady, long-continued process.  

– Phillip Brooks, Episcopal Bishop 

Welcome to another track season and the 23rd Edition for me as a Junior High Throwing Coach. I have had many names fill my books of those who wanted to throw. To those young athletes, throwing looks easy because everyone can throw something. However, the technique of throwing a shot or discus takes a steady, continued process of study and work.

Last Thursday, February 16, 2023, the Junior High began their season at Jourdanton. It was the beginning and, having a short time to work with the lads and ladies, we did well. On the girls' side, I have a couple of ladies who did not throw because they only came out this week and these athletes should improve how we did on their side. Of the ladies who threw, Aliana Cardenas placed 6th in discus with a personal best toss of 53’. The other ladies who represented Lytle were Aubrey Solis and Camila Vega in 8th Grade and Mia Diaz, Juliet Sittre, Ainsley Trammell, Journee Mendoza and Delilah Ytuarte. 

 Aliana Cardenas 

The 7th Grade boys competed and did well enough to place in both events. It is hard to narrow it down to three boys by only seeing them throw for a week. The 7th Grade boys began in the shot put ring and it was exciting to see Yandel Ocaseo move his pin to first on his last throw. Yandel won the shot competition with a nice throw of 29’9.5”. Easton Davila placed 4th with a toss of 27’7”. The other shot putter for 7th Grade was Alberto Ortiz. They threw in the discus ring as the sun was setting. Easton also threw discus and placed 5th, throwing 60’2”. Cain Guzman remained pinned, finishing 7th at 57’11” and Dylan Ryan Laushey also threw.


Last year, the 7th Grade boys set the Junior High school record at the District Meet. They began the season just as dominant by having all three place in the top ten of the throwers for shot put and Mason Hill moving to 4th on the list for discus throwers. Mason Hill won the shot and discus competitions with throws of 39’2” and 137’1”. He won the discus competition by 36’. Seth Pierce placed second in both competitions with throws of 39’ and 101’9”. Ethan Elizondo placed 4th and 3rd respectively in shot and discus with throws of 37’8” and 91’5”. All three of the boys could finish the year as the top three throwers to compete for Lytle. This week you have an opportunity to see the Junior High throw on our home fields in Lytle.  


Best of skill to the basketball teams as they continue their journey to State. In honor of President’s Day, a quote. 

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.”  

– Abraham Lincoln 

Throw Far 

Hadley Foster