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02-23-2023 Junior High Girls at Natalia Ribbon Meet


The Lytle Junior High Lady Pirates Track and Field team competed in the Natalia Relays last Thursday, February 16, 2023. It was a pleasure to see the Junior High girls back on the oval, in the pits, and in rings. Especially the 7th Grade girls competing for the first time in an organized Track and Field Meet, ever. The girls displayed spectacular performances across the board with their efforts. If you are available this evening, I highly encourage you to come out and support us as we host our home Meet here in Lytle, February 23, 2023.  

Their accomplishments are as follows: 

7th Grade Girls 8th Grade Girls

2400m Run:  

    • 1st Elyse Cortinas
    • 2nd Kaycee Galindo
    • 3rd Sophia Herrera  

2400m Run:  

    • 1st Vanessa Ayala
    • 2nd Addison Wagner
    • 5th Nevaeh Kassin

Long Jump:

    • 4th Andrea Gomez 

Long Jump:

    • 6th Genesis Martinez  
    • 8th Marie Guerrero  
    • 9th Claire Canales  


    • Mia Diaz
    • Journee Mendoza


    • Aliana Cardenas
    • Camila Vega


    • Ainsley Trammell
    • Journee Mendoza
    • Juliet Sittre


    • Aubrey Solis
    • Camila Vega 

400 Meter Relay: 4th Place Team Finish 

    • K'lynn Perez
    • Kolbi Perkins
    • Avery Sanchez
    • Zabella Garza  

800 Meter Run: 

    • 1st Kaycee Galindo
    • 3rd Loundyn
    • 6th Emma Emery

800 Meter Run: 

    • 1st Laleina Reveira
    • 3rd Zabella Garza
    • 5th Payton Devaney  

100 Meter Dash: (Heat Finishes)  

    • 3rd Lauryn Fuentes
    • 3rd Andrea Gomez
    • 4th Zaira Farfanza 

100 Meter Dash: (Heat Finishes 

    • 1st Jacquelyn Aguirre
    • 4th K'lynn Perez
    • 5th Gabriella Finamore

800 Meter Relay: 4th Place Team Finish 

    • Madison Hernandez  
    • Lauryn Fuentes
    • Andrea Gomez
    • Zaira Farfanza

800 Meter Relay: 4th Place Team Finish 

    • Kolbi Perkins
    • Avery Sanchez
    • Gabriella Finamore
    • Brooke Tollett 

400 Meter Dash: (Heat Finishes)  

    • 2nd Melanie Suarez  
    • 3rd Loundyn Perez  
    • 4th Maddison Hernandez

400 Meter Dash: (Heat Finishes)

    • 4th Mari Guerrero
    • 3rd Claire Canales
    • 4th Payton Devaney 

200 Meter Dash: (Heat Finishes)  

    • 3rd Maddison Hernandez 
    • 4th Abril Perez  
    • 4th Zaira Farfan

200 Meter Dash: (Heat Finishes)  

    • 2nd Jacquelyn
    • 3rd Alex Delgado
    • 4th Brooke Tollett

1600 Meter Run:  

    • 1st Elyse Cortinas
    • 3rd Emma Emery
    • 4th Sophia Herrera

1600 Meter Run: 

    • 1st Laleina Reveira
    • 2nd Vanessa Ayala
    • 3rd Addison Wagner

1600 Meter Relay: 2nd Place Team Finish 

    • Loundyn Perez
    • Elyse Cortinas
    • Kaycee Galindo 
    • Melanie Suarez 

1600 Meter Relay: 2nd Place Team Finish 

    • Zabella Garza
    • Vanessa Ayala
    • Laleina Reveira
    • Genesis Martinez 


As always, it's a great day to be a Pirate! 

Sebastian Benavides