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1-27-2023 7th Grade Boys Basketball vs Hondo Owls

Last night, January 26, 2023, was the boys' final home game, and let me tell you, if you were not in attendance, then I'm sorry to say you missed what was the games of the year! 

The 7th Grade B-Team was looking for their 4th win in a row and standing in the way were the Hondo Owls. The first half of the game got off to a slow start for the boys trailing by 6 early, but would respond with a 7-point run of their own to rally the home crowd! That same high energy back and forth would last until the final few minutes of the game! Both teams within the final minutes played tough defense with even tougher shots to the end of regulation with an even score! So, we continued on with an overtime period full of exciting defense that would come down the wire! With 1 minute remaining, we needed 1 to tie. Michael Scotello would put in a clutch free throw to send us to a 2nd overtime! With one more minute of basketball given to us, both teams hustled with all they had left, but the energy was there till the very end for your boys as they forced some timely turnovers and put in a huge jump shot to help close the game out with a 24-21 victory! The emotions were high and well deserved! They earned every bit of that victory! 

With all of the extra basketball and excitement going on, it was hard to wrangle emotions and turn right around for our second contest of the night. As mentioned, the A team has been a roller coaster of emotions and battles all year long. Two weeks ago, coming off a pretty close high, last week was one of the lows, and last night was a tremendously new high level for these boys and their season! This battle was going to be tough from the get go, as they came out firing with a good shooter, but your very own Matthew Wimer had an answer of his own each time, as he had all 9 of the boys' first quarter points! The game was a one-point contest at half, the crowd was loud and electric, and the boys were definitely feeding off of it! Our big men J.P Martinez and Alex Zepeda were huge for us last night with big-time blocked shots and more importantly, defensive rebounds as it kept Hondo off of the score board. A last made effort was tried for the win; however, a game this close could not be decided in just 4 quarters! Overtime period number three of the night we went; and boy was it fun! The boys relied on what has been their strength all year, energy to run the floor and get stops on defense! That is exactly what happened as they held the Owls to only 1 point in the OT period, while scoring 5 of our own, including a daggering 3 from Angel Delarosa.  The final home game could not have been played any other way than with two overtime thrillers! 

Thank you to those who came and supported all season long! The final game will be Monday at Crystal City!  


B team: Lytle 24 – Hondo 21 

A team: Lytle 36 – Hondo 33 

Arthur Hettler