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1-27-2023 Junior High Girls Basketball vs Hondo

Last night, January 26, 2023, the Junior High Lady Pirates went to Hondo to take on the Owls. We knew that this would be a challenge because the girls had been testing for two days and they were tired. We could see it on their faces. The girls definitely fought some hard physical games and while we were not all victorious, everyone pushed through and gave us everything they had. 

We play our last game of the season here on Monday, January 30, against Crystal City. Please join us if you can. The girls would love to see everyone out there supporting them! 

7th Grade B-Team – The girls ended the evening with a tie, 8-8. We only had 6 girls to play with and the breaks were few and far between. They worked hard and never quit. We were all very proud of them.

Scoring for Lytle:  

    • Faviola Jimenez with 6 points.
    • Madison Hernandez with 2. 

7th Grade A-Team – The girls had a rough night. They struggled with their shots falling and just couldn’t seem to get in a rhythm together. The girls fell short last night losing to the Owls 10-23. 

Scoring for Lytle: 

    • Melanie Suarez: 2 points
    • Evelyn Barco: 4 points
    • Haylee Ward: 2 points
    • Jazlyn Carrillo: 2 points 

8th A-Team – The girls had to battle from the very beginning. This was a much more physical game this time than the first time we played the Owls. We lost a player in the 1st quarter to an elbow to the eye, we had a bloody nose in the 3rd quarter, and lots of cuts and scrapes. The girls never lost sight of the goal and came away with a victory, beating Hondo 16-11. 

Scoring for Lytle: 

    • Genesis Martinez: 2 points
    • Zabella Garza: 4 points
    • Claire Canales: 1 point
    • Aliana Cardenas: 3 points
    • Lillian Evans: 6 points 
Shelly Armentrout