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1-23-2023 Junior High Girls Basketball Recap

With two games left in our season, the Junior High girls have been working hard to get better. On January 12, 2023, the girls drove to Cotulla to meet the Cowgirls for the second time. 

7th Grade B-Team 

The girls knew they were going to be challenged because they were playing with only five players. The game was even for most of the first half and the score stayed 0-0. The Lytle girls finally put 2 on the board and then sustained an injury. The girls were then forced to play with only 4 players, but they played extremely well. They worked hard and did the best they could, only allowing Cotulla to score 2 points also. They ended the game tied 2-2. Alisha Van Zant scored 2 points for Lytle B-Team. 

7th Garde A-Team  

Another hard-fought game for the girls, and they were determined to get another win for the team. They pressed when they could and continued to dominate on rebounds and fast breaking. The girls ended the game with a win, 13-12.  

Scoring for Lytle was: 

    • Elyse Cortinas: 2 points
    • Melanie Suarez: 5 points
    • Mia Rollins: 4 points
    • Jazlyn Carillo: 2 points 

8th Grade A-Team 

Another fun night for our undefeated 8th Graders. They are a force on the court and have dominated this year with pressing, creating turnovers and working together. On this night it was no different and the girls pulled away with another victory, beating Cotulla 34-20.  

Scoring for Lytle were: 

    • Genesis Martinez: 8 points
    • Cayleigh Smith: 4 points
    • Zabella Garza: 4 points
    • Claire Canales: 2 points
    • Aliana Cardenas: 11 points
    • Lillian Evans: 5 points 

Last Thursday, January 19, 2023, only the 7th and 8th Grade A-Teams played against Dilley. 

7th Grade A-Team 

The girls came out and dominated from the beginning. They outscored Dilley in every quarter and showed some great improvement. The girls ended the evening with a win 16-7.  

Scoring for Lytle was: 

    • Melanie Suarez: 4 points
    • Ainsley Trammell: 4 points
    • Mia Rollins: 6 points
    • Evelyn Barco: 2 points
    • Haley Ward: 2 points 

8th Grade A-Team 

The girls played against a 5-man Dilley team that night. It was an aggressive game from the start and the girls knew that with only 5 players on the other team, they needed to push. The girls once again proved why they are undefeated this season by playing some great basketball. All of our players got great minutes on the floor and we ended the night with another win, 37-8.  

Scoring for Lytle was: 

    • Cayleith Smith: 2 points
    • Zabella Garza: 11 points
    • Claire Canales: 4 points
    • Aliana Cardenas: 18 points
    • Lillian Evans: 2 points 

Thank you to everyone who has been able to make a game. 

Shelly Armentrout