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12-17-2021 7th Grade Hoops

It's not about Talent. It’s about Heart. It’s about who can go out there and play the hardest. They’re not gonna give you anything, So, you gotta go out three and you gotta take it.  

— Josh LucusGlory Road 

That is exactly what the 7th Grade boys' basketball teams did yesterday, December 16, 2021 

The 7th Grade Boys’ B team played a hard-fought game against Jourdanton’s “Red Team” and pulled off an exceptional victory led by Aven "Smooth Shot" Castro’s 8 points followed by Keegan "Kool Breeze" Martinez’s 4 points and a solid defensive performance, giving our boys a 16-12 victory.  

With a bad taste in their mouth from the football season, the “Red Team” came at our A Team with vengeance and determination to not repeat another Lytle Beat Down!  

“Not today boys!” Is exactly what our A team told that “Red Team”.  

Ethan "Electrifying" Elizondo had the game of his young life with amazing defense and scored 10 points. Seth "Superman" Pierce continues to lead the way with another stellar performance putting up 17 points and great on court leadership! The boys were quick and relentless with "Zim Zam" Zimmerlie and Weston "Wild Man" Jackson running the show from our guard positions giving our boys a 37-18 victory.  

The boys were greeted after the game by a delightful surprise! John Martinez, a former student and athlete, came to the locker room and talked with the boys. Having a Lytle alum give a "Mr. Lytle" talk to our players is something special. It is also a reminder that no one will remember the points you scored, home runs you hit, touchdowns you scored, or your time in the 100m dash, but they will always remember how you represented your community, school, family, and above all, yourself. John is an excellent example of how it’s done and I promise you, this 7th Grade group of boys is following in that same direction.  

3-1 on the Season. 

Brian Clark