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9-24-2021 7th Grade Football vs Marion

Friday, September 24, 2021, we had a great game with individuals stepping up to fill big roles. With our starting running back Sebastian “Seabass” Mireles out for the game, Jayden “Mad Dog” Motes took the reins and ran through the Marion Bulldogs like a hot knife through butter! 

Weston “Wild Man” Jackson used his south paw gunslinger arm to connect with Ethan “Electrifying” Elizondo for an early 50-yard touchdown to put the Pirates ahead and we never relinquished the lead for an indisputable victory! All around outstanding play by Seth "Superman” Pierce. What an amazing diving catch by Seth! Every individual on the team was the reason the boys went to 3-0 on the Season and are looking to continue the streak.  

Big Shout out to the teachers for all the hard work you are doing to help these fine young men and for the role models. We took time to recognize them at practice for their outstanding classroom conduct and work ethic academically. 

Lytle 36 – Marion 6 

Brian Clark