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1-17-2020 Elementary Good Things

Our Habit winners: 

Viribus – M. Vazquez 

Mangima – M. Meza 

Amistad – M. Spinks 

Corragio – J. Lopez 

Fortem – J. Gonzales 

Prevala – A. Rodriguez 

Our positive referrals for this week were: 

A. Davis– This student has been extremely helpful with our 2nd grade friend. She always goes above and beyond, even when it is not asked if her. She waits for him after the bus, helps in transitioning, and even works with him at the small group table, creating lessons for him to practice. She models great citizenship and perseverance.

E. Piles - Student is ALWAYS willing tohelpa fellow classmate and teacher with anything that is needed. She never hesitates to extend a helping hand. 

L. Bates - Student is the 1st 3rd grader done at 100% with ST math. He met his goal Tuesday. His hard work and dedication at school and at home has paid off.

J. Cantu - There was a student practicing his math facts but being very discouraging on himself, so thisstudentput down his math facts picked up his friend’s and started helping him learn it for a good 5 to 10 minutes. He kept saying “You can do this, you can do this, I know you can do this.” The student passed his first set of multiplication facts! 

T. Fewell - My class was lining up when two girls were making fun of another girl because her pants ripped. And this student stood up for her and said, “You girls should not be making fun of her, you should be trying to help her.”

E. Lamy - Improved on her MAP score and far surpassed her projected target. Overall improvements in math and a positive attitude when learning new concepts.

Juliana Lingo