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7-6-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

Marissa Hernandez, Lytle High Skull Studios 2023 Graduate says, "All three of the kids really liked animals, so they were excited about this subject for their project. As fifth graders, a little older than some of the groups, I really saw them take charge and be leaders. It was great working as their mentor, but also nice to step back and see them step up to the challenge. As they were brainstorming their writing, I enjoyed helping them to refine their ideas and polish their scripts. This project was good for improving their spelling and grammar skills, as well as teamwork skills."Lytle ISD is always looking for ways to motivate our students to practice writing and to learn technological skills for their future. In July, we piloted a program that helps elementary students to learn animation skills to bring their writing to life. The program involved students who volunteered to participate in Animation Summer Camp, as well as our students who were invited to the Jolly Roger Summer Academy. The verdict was overwhelming - students 100% LOVED the program. Watch for yourself. You'll enjoy their writing, performances and their creative animations. Special thanks to their teacher, Mr. Pedro Rodriguez and five Lytle High School Skull Studios students who worked as tutors led these young animators to success. We couldn't do it without our partnership with all the nice folks at Wonder Media who are curriculum and animation experts.Stay tuned - we'll feature a new animation short every day in July! Watch this video created by Lytle in coming sixth grade students, Bryson, Anastasia and Damian:

Lorrianne Migura