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7-11-2023 Awesome Animations Created by Elementary Students!

There is so much science around literacy. At a high level, literacy skills include listening, speaking, writing and READING. So that makes today's animation feature, Don't Just Sit There; Read More! so cool to watch. When our students care enough to encourage others to read, we are on the right track! Since the heart of our Summer Animation Camp is improving literacy, today's feature is evidence we are attacking this issue from many fronts. Our Lytle Elementary students, Madden H., Elena M. and Anastasia S. did the writing, producing and voicing on this wonderful project and they dedicated it to one of the greats, author Dr. Seuss. Special thank you to High School Skull Studios Samuel Muraira, who did a great job mentoring this team and to Elementary Principal, Wendy Conover, who is always bringing innovative and exciting programs to her campus.

Lorrianne Migura