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7-26-2021 Free School Supplies for all Lytle Students, PreK-12 grades.


In case you don't follow district social media, I wanted to make sure all employees knew that our Lytle Leadership made the decision to buy school supplies for all Lytle ISD Students for the 2021-2022 school year. It was announced a couple weeks ago, and the community response to the posts on our Facebook pages and Twitter were beautiful sentiments of gratitude, amazement, and even tears of relief from parents. You, and everyone included on this email, are important members of a wonderful district family. When you make gratitude a habit...Everything will be better. 

Here are just a couple of the over 100 comments left on various shares of the FB post. To see the FB post for yourself, follow this link: 

"Oh my gosh this made me cry. I felt it. Thank you, Lytle ISD. Pirate for life..." - Krystal Ramirez 

"Thank you so much...Awesome my son can't wait to go back to school...What a blessing!!!" - Yecena Lara 

"I'm crying while reading this. What a blessing to families that have suffered hardships this past year." - Christi Vaughn 

"Awesome back to school gift. Thank y’all." - Mary Watters 


Lorrianne Migura