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6-28-2023 Lytle Pirate Awards Ceremony Honors Achievements of the Class of 2023

At the 2023 Lytle Pirate Awards Ceremony, students, parents, friends, teachers, administrators and community members gathered to honor the achievements of our Graduating Class of 2023. We have teachers and staff at the Primary, Elementary, Junior High, High School, Central Office, IT, Child Nutrition, Maintenance, Transportation, and Operations who have supported these Seniors in countless ways on this journey. Please take some time to read through their honors and awards, knowing that your hard work pays off and is appreciated by these young men and women. Once you read through the good stuff, enjoy the moments captured in this Google photo album: 

The evening began with the presentation of colors by our Lytle JROTC Color Guard, including Left Guard, Captain Jauquin Castro, State Flag, Cadet Sergeant Karyme Cabrera, National Colors, Staff Sergeant Dana Herrera and Right Guard, Cadet Sergeant Jazet Ortiz Albarega. The Bulldog Battalion is under the direction of Senior Army Instructor Tabitha Williams and Army Instructor Frederick Carmicle 

Mr. Reynoldo Sanchez, Lytle High School College and Career Readiness Counselor addressed the crowd saying, “Tonight, we honor our dedicated seniors for their hard work. Their achievements reflect the tireless support from parents, school staff, administrators and community members. Special recognition to Superintendent Michelle Carroll Smith, President LeeAnna Mask, Vice President Reagan Wagner and board member Bobby Sollock, who are all in attendance.”  

Mr. Rusty Adams and Mr. Kevin Perez presented the first award, the Atascosa Lodge #379 Achievement Award to Robert Wagner and Bree Criswell, and the Roy Edward’s Honesty and Integrity Award to Lola Patino and Stefan Grigsby. 

Ms. Julie McConathy spoke about her late husband Bobby McConathy, who was a very special member of the Lytle ISD family. His family offers a scholarship to high school seniors who pursue a technical program or certification. In his memory, the Bobby McConathy Scholarship was presented to Donavan Cortez and Ernest San Miguel. 

Mrs. Brenda Fernandez and Michelle Martin presented the Legacy Bowl Scholarship to Hudson Mask and Elysa Aleman. 

Former Lytle Pirate, Alexandrea Naegelin, with David Naegelin and Marcie Decker presented the Naegelin Athletic Scholarship to Moriah Gomez, the Naegelin Ag Scholarship to Bree Criswell and the LASSO Scholarship to Gerald NaegelinBree Criswell and Hudson Mask. 

For over 20 years the Devine Area Health and Hospice Thrift Store has been providing clothing and household goods to our community and surrounding area. “Improving people’s lives through community giving” is the motto. Because of the generosity of the community, the store has been able to support health related non-profit organizations and provide health related services to the uninsured. Scholarships are awarded to students seeking a profession in the medical field. Ms. Dinah Argo and Ms. Alma Horvath presented the 2023 Devine Area Hospice Scholarship to Katelyn Rubal and Daniela Aquino. 

Rev. Dan Newburg, representing the First Baptist Church Devine, Robertson Scholarship began by sharing this history behind the scholarship: Robbie was born October 10, 1907 in Mountain Home, Idaho, one of eight children of Charles and Carrie Frederick. Her mother was a native of Sweden. After graduating Business College, she married Clarence Robertson, a World War I veteran in 1936. They moved around to several states due to her husband’s job as a gas pipeline engineer before finally settling in Corpus Christi, Texas where she worked as an apartment manager. Mr. Robertson died in 1977 at the age of 77 in Corpus Christ and is buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. After moving to Devine, Texas in 1989, Robbie became a member of the First Baptist Church of Devine and considered the congregation her family. She enjoyed serving the Lord by visiting homebound church members and being involved with the WMU bible study. She used much of her life savings to establish "The Robertson Scholarship Fund'' for high school graduating members of the First Baptist Church of Devine. Robbie became an active resident of the Devine Health & Rehab in 1999 where she lived until her death on August 22, 2012 at the tender age of 104. 

The First Baptist Church Devine Robertson Scholarship for $1000 goes to Robert Wagner. 

The South Texas Ministerial Fellowship, formerly known as the Devine Ministerial Fellowship, is a Christian organization of pastors to encourage the cooperation of the churches and their ministers in meeting the needs of the local communities. Dan Newburg also presented the South Texas Ministerial Fellowship scholarship to Robert Wagner. 

Vicki Adams representing Texas Association of Community Schools presented the Texas Association of Community Schools Scholarship award to Mr. Hudson Mask. 

Denise Estrada, Administrative Officer for the Lytle State Bank and Treasure for the Lytle Chamber of Commerce, and Max Metzger, Vice President of the Lytle State Bank presented multiple awards. The Lytle Chamber of Commerce Miriam Lovelace Scholarship is awarded to Robert Wagner and Moriah Gomez. The Walter H. Joyce Memorial Scholarship is given to first highest ranking student Robert Wagner, second highest ranking student Cambri Davila, and third highest ranking student Bree Ann Criswell, and Moriah Gomez is also chosen to receive this award. 

Mrs. Tammy McDonald presented the Lytle Ex-Student Association scholarship to Natalie Pacheco. 

Mrs. Debra Parsons from the Texas Agri-Women Uvalde Chapter provides this history on the organization: Texas Agri-Women is an affiliate of American Agri-Women, the nation's largest coalition of farm, ranch, and agribusiness women. They are a group of women who promote agriculture in our area. They work with the local community, legislators, youth, and peers to be a voice for the agricultural industry. They also have a long-standing history of offering a scholarship program to qualifying high school seniors. The Texas Agri-Women Uvalde Chapter scholarship is awarded to Bree Criswell. 

Lytle ISD Superintendent of Schools, Michelle Carroll Smith presented the Lytle Administration Team Scholarship to Moriah Gomez and the Winston Hoffman Scholarship was awarded to Daniela AquinoErnest San Miguel and Kaylee Diaz. 

(Post-ceremony, Benton City Water Supply Corporation announced the Alfred Lee Carroll Memorial scholarship was awarded to Katelyn Rubal.) 

The University Interscholastic League Scholar Award was created to recognize and honor those students who have shown the ability and demonstrated the discipline necessary to perform academically and yet participate in extracurricular activities. This award restates the commitment of the UIL to “Academic Excellence through Competition.” Lytle Fighting Pirate Band Director Joshua Chessher recognized 12 outstanding UIL participants: Robert Wagner, Cambri Davila, Bree Criswell, Hudson Mask, Angel Vazquez, Alex Medina, Moriah Gomez, Natalie Pacheco, Sarah Ytuarte, Citlali Ferreira, Ashlyn Huron and Klarissa Martinez. 

Band Director Joshua Chessher went on to announce another award; the Student Athlete Musician Award went to Sarah Ytuarte. 

High School Principal Mrs. Elizabeth “Libby” Stewart presented the outstanding Culinary Arts student of the year to Robert Wagner and The Outstanding Coffee Shop Award went to Marissa Lopez, Jordan Bojorquez, and Dakota Walters. 

Senior Army Instructor Tabitha Williams and Army Instructor Frederick Carmicle recognized our JROTC cadets for their participation. Each cadet was presented an honor stole to be worn at graduation: Damien Myers, Chessa Hartley-Mapes, Zoey Tovar and Geovanni Mireles. 

Sargent Andrea Ha recognized students who have chosen to enlist in one of the military branches of the United States of America, Nevaeh Sanchez, George Hernandez and Mackenzie Sessom. We thank these students for their commitment. 

Teachers at Lytle High School also recognized the following students for excellent performance in their classrooms. 

Art teacher Morgan Clyde recognized Alyssa Montalvo, saying, “Alyssa is always thoughtful and intentional with her artwork. She takes great pride in the precision of her pieces, and exudes an air of calm and self-assurance while she works. Her application of concepts, ideas, and skills is impressive and reliable, and she has shown remarkable insight into the expressive qualities of art. Alyssa is a shining example of a contemplative artist.” 

Danna Gilmore recognized the following students and commented on their work in her Business Management I & II classes: Daniela Aquino, who “Always competently meets every deadline.” Brandon P. Martinez, who is “Most likely to succeed in Business. Brandon is a true leader and will excel in the business world. Brandon is also Microsoft Office Certified.” Miguel A. Gonzales, who “Will excel in the business arena. He can problem solve and has developed excellent leadership skills. Miguel is certified in Microsoft Office.” The final student, Ms. Gilmore called to the stage was Preston A. Sigel, who she says, “Is a trailblazer and does not back down from any challenge. Preston is Microsoft Office Certified.” 

Mathematics and Calculus teacher Michelle Scotello recognized Moriah Gomez and Natalie Pacheco, saying, “Both Miss Gomez and Miss Pacheco were the only two girls in calculus this year and had to fight together against the guys to prove they had the right answers! They never gave up or backed down.” 

Lorrianne Migura recognized students in Commercial Photography, Graphic Design and Audio Video Technology. Starting with Rose Scotello, Mrs. Migura says, “Rose is a hard worker and always has a great attitude. She has helped me, our high school and our district to further our positive image in the community because she pursues excellence in everything she touches.” Mrs. Migura went on to recognize Elias Moore, Citlali Feirera, Alexandra Cabrera, Sarah Ytuarte, Marissa Hernandez and Clarissa Hernandez for their work on the 2023 3A UIL State Champion Documentary at the Young Filmmakers (Academics) contest. 

Additional UIL Academic accomplishments of the following Seniors were also recognized. 

Robert Wagner and Miguel Gonzales made up the Social Studies Team, winning first place in District, first place at Regionals and fourth place at State. Robert Wagner also competed as an individual in Social Studies UIL competition, winning first place in District, second place in Regionals, and seventh place in State. Miguel Gonzalez placed fourth in District and seventh in Regionals in his individual competitions. 

Angel Vazquez competed in Current Issues and Events individual competition, placing third in District and seventh place in Regionals. 

Hannalore Mueller recognized the Lytle Chapter of the National Honor Society seniors who demonstrated an aptitude for leadership, scholarship, service, and character; the four pillars of the national organization. They are given a graduation stole that represents their position in the organization as well as their dedication to serving their community and school this year and in years past. Ashlyn Huron, Bree Criswell, Cadee Martinez, Cambri Davila, Citlali Ferreira, Dezmarie Ortega, Hudson Mask, Jadyn Bojorquez, Katelyn Rubal, Klarissa Martinez, Migual Gonzales, Moriah Gomez, Natalie Williams, Natalie Pacheco, Nivea Sanchez, Robert Wagner, and Sarah Ytuarte received either a white stole representing membership or the blue stole representing an officer position. Ms. Mueller says, “These students have participated in well over 1,000 hours of community service as senior members alone, and over 3,000 hours since joining our program. Each of them has worked diligently to support the school and community throughout their years in high school.” 

Raul Flores represented the Future Farmers of America or FFA, an organization where students learn leadership skills along with career success. The following students are an embodiment of the FFA motto, “Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.” These FFA Officers received both sashes and cords, Bree Criswell (Treasurer), Khye Stewart (Vice President) and Case Conover (Student Advisor). These members received cords, Hudson Mask, Geovanni Mireles, Thomas O' Rourke, Dezmarie Ortege, Luciano Mireles and Avery Patterson. 

Ana Ginter, Lytle Dual Credit Plumbing Instructor, honored plumbing students who worked hard both in and outside of the classroom and who learned practical skills while making repairs at campuses and buildings throughout the distric. These students understand plumbing systems, use the tools of the trade and show mastery of important plumbing and pipe-fitting skills. Donovan Cortez and Ernest San Miguel have earned college credit through St. Philip’s College, work-based learning, and practical experience in the plumbing trade. 

High School Counselor, Mrs. Rebecca Glover recognized our P-Tech students who are trailblazers bridging the gap between high school and college, carving out their own paths. Joseph Araujo, George Gonzalez, Cadee Martinez, Ezequiel Reyes, Gerald Naegelin, Elijah Stech and Preston Sigal are Lytle’s first cohort of P-TECH students who walked the stage at the St. Philips College Graduation May 12, 2023, earning their Associates Degree and certifications in CNC Manufacturing.  

Amber Foster, Dr. Jasso and Rebecca Glover recognized our exceptional dual credit students who were given white cords: Elysa Aleman, Daniela Aquino, Jaden Bojorquez, Alexandra Cabrera, Roland Cordova, Bree  Criswell, Cambri Davila, Kaylee Diaz, Justin Evans, Citlali Ferreira, Moriah Gomez, Miguel Gonzales Clarissa Hernandez, Marissa Hernandez, Ashlyn Huron, Cameron Hutton, Christian Isbell, Antonio Jimenez, Marissa Lopez, Brandon Martinez, Clarissa Martinez, Hudson Mask, Alexander Medina, Luciano Mireles, Alyssa Montalvo, Serenity Morillos, Dezmarie Ortega, Natalie Pacheco, Avery Patterson, Melanie Ramirez, Johanna Rojo, Katelyn Rubal, Nivea Sanchez, Rose Scotello, Amanda Soto, Khye Stewart, Angel Vasquez, Robert Wagner, Dakota Walters, Natalie Williams, Sarah Ytuarte and Francisco Zepeda. In total, these students earned 470 college hours and 33 industry certifications. 

Senior Class Sponsor, Tammy McDonald awarded pink cords to Senior Class Officers, President Cadee Martinez, Vice President Nivea Sanchez, Secretary Moriah Gomez, Treasurer Rose Scotello, Public Relations Zoey Tovar, Sergeant at Arms Natalie Pacheco, and Historian Citlali Ferreira. 

Rebecca Glover recognized students Natalia Pacheco and Rose Scotello who earned their blood cords by donating at least six pints each to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. 

Dr. Dustin Breithaupt, Assistant Superintendent of Lytle ISD and Mrs. Michelle Carroll Smith, Superintendent, closed out the ceremony by honoring the Lytle ISD 2023 Top Ten Graduates. These students were presented a gold honor cord to be worn at the graduation ceremony. 

The tenth ranking student is Citlali Ferreira who will attend University of Texas at San Antonio.  

Ninth ranking Sarah Ytuarte will attend the University of North Texas. 

Eighth ranking Natalie Pacheco will attend the University of Incarnate Word. 

Seventh ranking Moriah Gomez will attend Texas A&M University at College Station majoring in Education. 

Sixth ranking Alex Medina will attend the University of Incarnate Word majoring in Mechanical Engineering. 

Fifth ranking Angel Vazquez will attend the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Fourth ranking Hudson Mask will attend Texas Tech University. 

Third ranking Bree Criswell will attend Texas Tech.  

Our 2022 Salutatorian, Cambri Davila, will attend the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Psychology. 

Each year, the highest-ranking graduate of each accredited high school in the state of Texas is awarded a scholarship exempting the graduate from the payment of tuition for both semesters of the first regular session of college. This award goes to the 2023 Lytle High School Valedictorian, Robert Wagner. Robert will attend Texas A&M University at College Station, majoring in Engineering. Robert Wagner is also the honored recipient of the Robertson Scholarship, South Texas Ministerial Fellowship, and the Atascosa Lodge #379 Achievement Award. 

Lorrianne Migura