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5-15-2023 Lytle Top Ten of the Graduating Class of 2023

This is such a great group of Lytle Pirates and we are proud to announce they are our Top Ten 2023 Grads! Robert Wagner, Cambri Davila, Bree Criswell, Hudson Mask, Angel Vazquez, Alex Medina, Moriah Gomez, Natalie Pacheco, Sarah Ytuarte and Citlali Ferreira - we know it took a lot of grit, determination and hard work to get to this point, and we congratulate you all in your accomplishments. For many, this was a history-making, record-breaking year! Please help us wish these students all the best in their next college adventures. We are beyond proud and we hope they'll come home often and keep in touch. Pirate Pride!

There are more photos, including individuals in this album:

Lytle ISD Top Ten Graduates Class of 2023

Lorrianne Migura