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1-10-2022 Private First Class Rafael Pacheco

Rafael Pacheco graduated from Lytle High School in June 2021, left Lytle, Texas September 27, 2021, and just completed Marine Recruit Training on December 22, 2021 in Sacramento California. Pacheco completed the Crucible, a grueling 54-hour training event that includes 48 miles, 45 pounds of gear, 36 warrior stations, 29 team-building exercises, 6 hours of sleep, and 2 MREs (freeze dried meals) and ultimately, he kicked butt and became an official Marine. He is headed to San Diego, California to Camp Pendleton School of Infantry (SOI), and then he'll go to Quantico, Virginia for schoolhouse training to get him started in his next job in the Marines. This young man has made his Skull Studios teachers very proud, and we're sure if you had the privilege of teaching him, coaching him, or just knowing him during his years at Lytle, his latest achievement will make you very proud, too. He shared that out of 80+ recruits in his battalion, only 60 made it through this first difficult phase of training. We are Pirate Proud and this fine young man is making our country proud, too.

Rafael asked that I pass along to all his teachers and administrators his sincere thanks for all you did to teach him and help him grow throughout the years. When Rafael was in my class he shared with me that he struggled with academics but that many throughout his school experience took the time to go the extra mile to reach him.

See photos in Google album: Marine Private First Class Rafael Pacheco Class of 2021 Alumni Visit 1-10-2022

Lorrianne Migura