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9-18-2019 Lytle ISD Board of Trustee Spotlight - Anthony Reyna

Please take a few minutes to watch this video about one of our Lytle ISD Board of Trustees, Mr. Anthony Reyna. The video was edited by Lytle students, Jason Chavira, an extremely talented video editor, and Jace Harris, who skillfully created the graphics animation and sound design. It's a great example of student skills combined with a wonderful story to tell about our Pirate culture. 
Lytle ISD is proud to have knowledgeable, dedicated people serving on our Board of Trustees. They are a diverse group of professionals who bring a variety of skills and experience to the table when they make decisions for our district.
Trustee Anthony Reyna was elected in May 2018. His father, Ruben S. Reyna, proudly served as a trustee for 12 years. Mr. Reyna attended Lytle Elementary, Lytle Junior High and graduated from Lytle High School. He has an 8th grader, Isabella, at Lytle Junior High, and she runs cross country and track, plays volleyball, and is a cheerleader. His 5th grader, Ruben, is at Lytle Elementary, and he plays basketball, baseball, and is a Webelos Scout. His 3-year old daughter Marlow does karate and gymnastics, and will also be a Lytle Pirate one day soon. 
In the video, Mr. Reyna is coaching the Lytle Reds baseball team and they had an outstanding 2019 season. According to Mr. Reyna, "The kids learned about adversity, the benefits of hard work, having a good attitude and how to be a team."
When it comes to serving as a Lytle ISD Trustee, Mr. Reyna says, "I can't think of a better way to give back to my community than to proudly serve as a board trustee and support the needs of our students."

Lorrianne Migura