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5-14-2015 Board of Trustees Election Update**

2015 Election Update:

The following are the unofficial results of the May 9, 2015 Lytle ISD Board of Trustees Election for Single Member Districts 2 & 5.  The Early Voting Ballot Board convened Wednesday evening to determine the county's status of 4 provisional votes.  3 residences were determined to be properly in Lytle ISD and 1 address presented appears on another district's tax roll.  The vote totals below now accurately represent early voting, election day and accepted provisional ballots.  Results are not official until the election is canvassed at the May 18th Board of Trustees meeting.

SMD #2

  • Marc Martinez - 49
  • May Alice Marin -  14

SMD #5

  • Frank Herrera - 19
  • Nan Boyd - 59