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2-5-2021 Lytle ISD Appreciates Their Board of Directors

Thank you, to our Lytle ISD Board of Trustees! These pros work together tirelessly to guide our district's vision and success. Collectively, their years of service to our schools and community will amount to 43 years in May 2021! 

District staff members share their thoughts and gratitude.

Public Relations director, Lorrianne Migura:

“I want to say thank you to these amazing people for what I have personally witnessed that they do in ADDITION to regular meetings sharing their professional expertise with our district leaders. This isn't comprehensive, but just the highlights of what I've seen our wonderful board members do in the past few years!

Mae Flores - Ms. Flores has a deep understanding of the life challenges our students experience and her servant's heart is informed through her work with students through her church youth group as well as coming to the school to assist with emotional/well-being support in times that we've experienced crisis or loss.

Oscar Jimenez - He shares his large construction project expertise when bond and school growth projects and timelines need to be worked through. Mr. Jimenez is a gifted listener. He quietly and genuinely seeks to understand all sides of issues, he expresses admiration, support and awareness of so many of the activities that are made possible by teachers and leaders in our district. He asks great questions and he is not shy about expressing a huge amount of humble gratitude for all who work in our schools.

Reagan Wagner - He shares his expertise in financial planning and business management/operations, and this man has stepped up countless times to speak at motivational events like community pep rallies. He and his family also support our sports programs year-round by volunteering their time, and they can be called on to help out in a long list of important ways, but almost always they do not want recognition. (Which makes it hard to give specifics here, but you get the point - the Wagners are good people.)

Nan Boyd - This project management guru has not only helped our district with new technology plans and rollouts, she also helped bring back our community bonfire and tailgate parties on Fridays before home football games! (Pre COVID, of course.) This year, because we were dealing with COVID and stadium spectator limits, she was integral in helping me find a very professional commentator for our Friday Night game livestreams (Zach Covey is an amazing talent!)

Anthony Reyna - Mr. Reyna brings a great deal of knowledge about IT and managing technology projects, and I got to witness him in action at the baseball park, as a well-loved and respected youth coach in Lytle. And, I always appreciate his attention to detail and friendly "heads up" if I have a broken link or issue on our website. We can all use the kind of help that improves our work in the district!

LeeAnna Mask - She brings a wealth of legal and compliance knowledge to the table, and she is present at so many school events to witness/experience the learning and successes for herself. This past fall she allowed a group of my video students to go to the family's farm/ranch to record a virtual "tour" of a working ag operation. Ms. Mask has a keen appreciation for forward-thinking, innovative learning and does not shy away from showing her support for what our teachers are doing in the classroom for Lytle students. Her leadership on our board is so incredible and my Public Relations brain loves that she very visibly/vocally supports our schools through her active social media accounts!”


School Safety Coordinator Cumorah Eldredge, “Thank you!  Y’all are amazing folks, and we are so blessed to have you guiding our District.”


Primary School Principal Jammie Fewell, “Thank you so much for your dedication to our children and staff!  We greatly appreciate your service!” 


Life Skills Teacher Blanca Cantu, “Thank you so much for all you do!! We appreciate you!”


Primary School Assistant Principal Shavan R. Galindo, “Thank you so much for all that you all do for our students and staff!! Each of you are greatly appreciated!!’


District Nurse Juanita Black, “I want to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated.”


High School Principal Jose R. Garza, “Thank you for all you do! We truly appreciate your hard work and commitment to our schools and community.”


CTE Director Loretta Zavala, “Thank you for your continued dedication to our district’s staff and students. We appreciate your hard work.”


Human Relations Director Laura Uribe-Center, “Thank you very much for being a huge part of our Lytle ISD family.  It has been an honor to sit in the board meetings and see how the decisions that you have made, are made with  deep care and compassion about the students and staff.   Knowing that we have board members that love our students and staff, like we love them, makes Lytle ISD a wonderful place to work. God bless you and your families.”


Junior High Principal Elizabeth Stewart, “Thank you for always putting the needs of our staff and students first!”


Junior High Boys Coordinator Brian Clark, “Congrats on a job well done. Nothing quite like a strong family!!”


Elementary School Principal Wendy Carroll-Conover, “We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people leading our school district. I would like to thank you for your support of our mission to continually improve our education system for our students.”


Elementary School Assistant Principal Juliana Lingo, “We are blessed to work in a District with a board that shows so much support for our staff, students, and community. Thank you for your service, time and dedication, it is greatly appreciated.”


Junior High Teacher Tammie Tilley, “Appreciate all that yall do – thank you.”


High School English Teacher Julie Cameron, “Thank you to all the board members for the tireless work you do. It is appreciated.”

Lorrianne Migura