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2-19-2019 Robo Pirates - Mutiny Season Concludes

After our league wrapped up two weeks ago, Robo Pirates - Mutiny was on the bubble of advancing to Regionals and was invited to compete in the last chance qualifier at Brandeis High School this past Saturday. The team struggled a bit to get their vertical scoring mechanism to function smoothly but persevered and won two out of the first three matches. The team was sitting in first place after the third match but could not keep that consistency and slipped to 14th out of 26 teams for the day. Sadly, this was the last time these seniors will compete but they take away valuable lessons in teamwork and grit. Gage Eichman and Jennifer Noel have been constants for this team over the last few years and they were joined this year by fellow seniors Ariel Huron and John Flores who stepped in and also became integral parts of the team. I am so proud of these students and their efforts and I know they will be better off for their experiences participating in this great competition! Please give these students a pat on the back for all of their hard work.

Mitchell Hale