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11-14-2021 Lytle Techno Pirates Return to Competition

The Lytle Techno Pirates battled programming bugs and mechanical glitches Saturday, November 13, 2021, to come away with two wins and three losses in their first meet of the robotics season.  

In their first match of the North San Antonio/Hill Country Robotics Meet at Brandeis High School, the team's robot sat without moving after its android phone brain stopped communicating with a motor controller. Programmer Janelle Young’s quick thinking to reboot the operating system allowed driver Koby Lara to score 18 points in 20 seconds with the help of teammate Eliana Torres.  

Pit crew Nadia Daniels, Kellyahn Castano and Julyana Frausto kept the robot running and competing throughout all five matches. Even taking time to help competing teams build and program their robots.  


Reagon Clamon