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9-15-2023 7th Grade Football at Natalia

Yesterday, September 14, 2023, the Junior High Pirates travelled to Natalia for 7th Grade edition of the “The Legacy Bowl”. Get accustomed to hearing this, “It was the Burl Joplin show”. If any of you remember seeing Clayton Joplin play at Walter Joyce Field, you know what I’m talking about. The young man does amazing things on a football field. However, he’ll be the first to acknowledge how well his teammates did for him to be successful. The offensive line was led by Chevy Frias and Andrew Frausto and the defense was outstanding. Our puppies are becoming dogs. Christian Cantu, Elliot Mata, Brayden Robinette and Joseph Jimenez stood out in a great defensive effort. Special shout out to Ryan Hendrickson and James Thompson for stepping up at multiple positions after we had pregame circumstances beyond our control. When shaking hands, I heard comments like, “Be humble”, “Respect ‘em”, “Tell ‘em good game”. Our coaching staff couldn’t be prouder. 

I see how these boys are in the locker room and I can only imagine how they can be in a classroom setting. They are a “lively” bunch. I encourage their teachers to come out and see these young men at practice or at a game. You’ll be amazed at how they conduct themselves on the field. Practice ends at 5pm or you can be our guest on the sidelines of a game. The discipline and determination we get to see out of our players needs to be shared. 

Lytle 28 - Natalia 12 

Arnold Martinez