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2-28-2020 Lytle Students Compete in San Antonio Junior Ag Mechanics Show

Last week, the Ag Mechanics Show in San Antonio started with the project line and moved in beginning at midnight on Thursday night. Mr. Flores spent his 5th and final all-nighter waiting in line to get student projects entered in the San Antonio stock show. The show ended on Sunday morning. Our Lytle students competed with FFA and 4-H communities throughout the whole state from the Panhandle to the Valley, El Paso to Port Arthur.

Beginning Friday, Case Conover showed his restored 1960 John Deere Tractor in the Tractor Restoration Division of the show. He went through four sets of judges on Friday and two on Saturday. Everything on the tractor and exhibit must be safe, in immaculate condition, and in original condition. Case's record book was complete with the tractor's history, purchase dates, and the process of taking the tractor down, and putting it all back together. Even details of the final painting are included. With pictures and documentation, Case's record book is about 7 to 8 inches thick!

Because students don’t know exactly when judges will come to evaluate their projects, they have to show all day on Saturday, from 8am- 5pm. Student exhibitors speak to each passer-by who inquires about their project, not just the judges. It was an intense two days with a lot of standing and talking. It’s really amazing to see and very impressive. And...Case received a Blue Ribbon!

Kody Villareal and Rylan Wagner showed their project in the Market Place event as part of the Ag Mechanics Contest - their focus from the start was to build a project and sell it. The two began by taking a 45-question Sales and Marketing objective test on Friday afternoon, which counted in their overall score. The boys created brochures to sell their project - a gun rack for an ATV - a product that would allow hunters to carry their guns in the safest way possible in transport while hunting. The design is impressive with safe, secure gun holders on a rack that's ready to mount on an ATV bed, which meant these two fielded many inquiries from the public. Kody and Rylan placed 5th in the Wildlife Division and qualified for the live auction on Sunday afternoon. (Only 23 projects qualified!)

It’s extremely hard for anyone to stand in one space and talk for two days straight, but our high school students made us proud. These kids are competitive, go all-in, and are dedicated to their projects. They couldn't do it without parent support, and these three have parents who tirelessly support them, as well as our district as a whole. I tip my hat to these kids and their parents for the fortitude and dedication in this endeavor. It was a great event to see.

Thank you for your time, and please congratulate these students (and their parents) next time you see them.

See all the photos in Google ALbum: Lytle Students Compete in San Antonio Junior Ag Mechanics Show 2-21-20

Randy Beard