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1-24-2019 Atascosa County Results (FFA)

As the Atascosa County Livestock Show comes to an end; I would like to recognize some of the Lytle FFA members whose hard work did not go unnoticed. The following students had placed their project animals and were able to take it through auction. 


FFA Members: 

Bryson Duty- 7th Place Swine 

Jack Hinshaw- 12th Place Swine 

Jessica Cuenca- 17th Place Rabbits 

Allison Marshall- 37th Place Rabbits 


Junior FFA Members: 

Wyatt Johnson- 2nd Place Steer 

Autumn Lassere- 5th place Lamb 

Eternity Diaz- 8th Place Swine 

Samuel Muraira- 12th Place Swine 

Brianna Gonzalez- 16th Place Swine 


If you see any FFA members, please congratulate them for a job well done and wish them luck as San Antonio and San Angelo Stock Shows are just right around the corner.

See all photos in Google Album: Atascosa County Livestock Show 1-17-2019

Megan Van der Knaap