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3-22-2023 Case Conover Hits in Houston

Case Conover went out in a blaze of glory last week, placing 1st in his division in tractor restoration at the Houston Livestock Show Ag Mechanics Contest. Lytle FFA was proudly represented by Case, showing a steer early last week and ending the week in a very good place.  

Tractor restoration is a long, tedious, expensive process. This is Case’s fifth and final tractor restoration (at least in high school).  

The restoration process literally starts in the weeds or brush. Sometimes, on farms, there are old tractors that don’t run, broken down, and deteriorating. Sometimes the owner will allow them to be purchased, loaded up, and taken to the family farm shop, as this is a family investment and endeavor that usually takes up to a year to complete.  

These tractors are taken apart to the last bolt, and put back together, replacing bad parts, as the tractor is put back together, made to look new, and finally driven into the show barn by the contestant.  

Placing 1st in a division in Tractor Restoration, especially at a major stock show is a BIG DEAL. Because of his efforts, he won a whole bunch of tools and equipment that he can use in the future. To my knowledge, Case is the first, in Lytle history, to place at a major show in Tractor Restoration.  

Help us with congratulating Case on his efforts and accomplishments. 

Wendy Conover, Elementary Principal and Case's mother, states;

“Thanks everyone for all the support. We know he missed many days of school to be ready and show his steers and this tractor. Thank you to Mr. Flores for helping us pull trailers, load and unload show stuff, pack, feed, and wait (and wait and wait) at these major shows. Winning 1st in a major show in Texas is like winning the Super Bowl for Case.  

The gifts and prizes he won were around $5,000 total, but the knowledge he gained, the love for his tractors, and the experiences are priceless.  

Again, thanks for supporting Case!" 

This is the tractor and how Case found it. Case telling visitors about his tractor and the process of restoration. Case, the tractor he restored  and his awards.

Randy Beard