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6-21-2022 Mr. Beard's Welding Students Discover Masonry Rocks!

This past April, High School Counselors Karen Hernandez and Abigail Parker took Mr. Beard's welding classes to the Texas Masonry Regional Showcase in San Antonio. This VERY hands-on learning experience was organized by the Texas Masonry Council, a nonprofit trade association working to strengthen and grow the masonry industry. At the showcase, students benefit from focused learning about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), mortar mixing, masonry tool identification, mud spreading, bricklaying and scaffold building. Fun competitions gave our Lytle students chances to win t-shirts and caps while learning how to mix and spread mortar. Lunch became an outdoor career fair where students could network with San Antonio contractors and engineers who were looking to hire on the spot! Many students at the showcase arrive with no idea about brick laying, but our Lytle Pirates took great pride in building some impressive walls!
I personally want to thank Mrs. Parker for getting some great photos of our kids at this cool learning event:
Lorrianne Migura